In the modern age, converting a jpg or png to text is a massive waste of time. Converting a picture to text should take at most a second. You have come to the right place if you want to learn how to convert a picture to a text document. You may convert images to text with this free online tool. You may use the online image-to-text converter to post any photo file, evaluate the text in it, and then convert the image's typed, printed, or handwritten text into a text file. It simplifies the downloading and distribution of materials. Rather than having to type it out, you can effortlessly extract text from images with our photo-to-text converter.

What is Image to text converter?

An online image to text converter turns visual text into editable text. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) was used to create this, a tool that takes data from photographs and transforms it into digital form.

It can extract text from almost any image format, such as:

  • BMP
  • PNG
  • TIFF
  • GIF
  • JPG
  • JPEG

How Image to text Converter works?

The online image text can extract text from scanned photos, PDF documents, or any photo that contains characters. The technique of translating an image to text is relatively straightforward.

Follow the steps given below to convert an image to text.

  • Upload a picture from your device or cloud storage to convert to text.
  • Click the Convert to Text button to initiate the conversion process.
  • Review the converted text; copy it to the clipboard with a single click or save it to your device by selecting the Download icon.You can also download the text file directly.

Features offered by Image to text Converter

1. Multi-language Support

This tool's ability to comprehend several languages is an excellent advantage. With this programme, you may convert several language photos into text. Romanian, Spanish, Indonesian, English, and other languages are among them.

2. Download text file

Data that is not properly kept may be stolen or forgotten. Instead of printing the content, you can download text that has been transformed online. This function conserves time and crucial data in your device's local storage.

3. Any Image conversion.

You may use this text converter online to convert PDF to JPG, JPG to PNG, raw camera photographs like PDF to PNG, CR2 to JPG, or PNG to SVG. For example, uploading papers to social media is a real pain and is often impossible until they are converted into images.You may quickly produce views of raw camera photographs to distribute to relatives and friends.

4. Free of cost

You may upload as many photos, notes, pictures, and scanned books as possible. This free photo-to-text converter extracts proper text every time without requiring you to sign up or pay for a subscription.

5. AI-based Technology

Our online Image to text converter is an AI-powered application that allows you to extract text from images reliably. Whether the uploaded Image is deformed or of poor quality, the advanced algorithms of the AI-based JPG-to-text converter will extract text properly and offer you the best results.

6. Secure and Trustworthy

You are secure and at ease with us. We seek and assure to maintain your data confidential and secure at all times. We comply with our policy of not revealing or retaining your data with any third party.

Why is this tool important?

There are several reasons to utilize text extraction tools, some of which include the following:

1. Save effort and time.

Productivity requires more time, and with this image to text converter, you can save valuable time by converting scanned photos into editable text, saving time and decreasing mistakes from manual typing.

2. Take content from social media.

You may find intriguing photographs on your social networking sites, such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. These media files can be translated into text and used as needed.

3. Increase the value of your company.

You may extract text from your business papers and save it in one location. This information may be utilized to generate analysis and audit reports. If you want to share any of that with your pals in text form, use this OCR tool to produce text from social media photographs.

Who can take benefit from our tool?

An image to text converter is a convenient tool for converting photos into text. You can also use the online image to text converter to convert your photographs into PDF files. This is essential tool since it will conserve you a lot of time and effort. It facilitates the conversion of high-resolution photos to plain text files. The use of technology has altered how we interact with images. We no longer need to transcribe text from pictures manually. Students, Researchers, Bloggers anyone can take benefit by using this tool.

1. Convert your images to PDF files.

Turning photos into PDF files is a beneficial capability. It makes it simple to share your images with others and is also quick. It is crucial to note that converting photos into PDF files is only sometimes feasible. Even so, the outputs will be excellent and high resolution because these converters were explicitly created for this purpose and thus perform better than other tools for translating text from photographs (like JPG).

2. Secures Important Documents

OCR technology can make any document (handwritten or printed) editable and searchable. This is how OCR facilitates digitization, allowing data entry professionals to scan essential papers and transform them into machine-readable text. Once the data is machine-readable, it is significantly easier to change and store.

3. Converting high-quality photos to simple text files

You can convert pictures into text files with good quality and small size, which means you may receive the necessary result in less time. The tool also can transform photographs into PDF files, which is quite helpful for individuals who wish to keep their best pictures as PDF documents.

4. Reduces manual effect

Because OCR is readily available to digitize the data, there is no need to hand-type the information. Whatever amount of documentation you have to deal with, OCR can make it editable so that it may be readily entered into the computer system. Run the document's scan or picture through OCR, and it will offer you an editable text version in seconds. The data may then be easily copied and pasted into your system. If you want the OCR to extract text from an image from a document, scan it or take a photo. Note that you may use OCR to process any form of an image, including photographs, scanned images, wallpaper, videos and screenshots.


How to get a text from images?

  • Visit (Free).
  • Drop & Drag &or upload your picture.
  • Click the Submit button to submit the form.
  • Copy the text or save it to your computer as a text file.

How does OCR work?

Optical Character Recognition, or OCR, interprets the text in images and extracts it as an editable copy for users. This technology has so many symbols, letters, and numbers that it can accurately match the text on a picture and deliver it to people.

Can I Convert Scanned Handwriting to Text?

Yes you can convert your scanned handwriting photographs to text, upload them into our Photo to Text converter application and click the convert button. Save your notes as a document or copy them in soft format.