How does the paraphrasing tool improve website ranking ?

Paraphrasing has become the need of the hour because of the excessive use of the internet. For every writer, it is not an easy task to write on any topic with 100% unique outcomes.

It is important to rewrite even a small patch of the article or blog to make it unique. No doubt, it might be an easy task to pick the original content and just rewrite it.

But how will you manage to keep the content SEO optimized? You must need to keep a lot of factors in your mind when looking to get optimized results. It will be a difficult task to cover all those factors without using a paraphrasing tool.

In this article, we are going to show you the best tool to paraphrase online to get fully optimized content in the end. Just keep reading about the best paraphrase tool and understand its working mode to get your desired outcomes.

How does the paraphrasing tool improve SEO?

The main question that comes to mind is how a free paraphrasing tool can assist you in improving the SEO of the content and eliminating plagiarism side by side. When you are looking to reword your sentence with a tool, it will do paraphrasing after understanding the core concept.

The rephrase tool uses the AI-based algorithm to understand what you or any other writer has written. After this, it will find unique synonyms from its available dictionary to replace them with the original words. You will find this word changer the best tool available to paraphrase the content.

With the help of this English paraphrasing tool, you will be able to use multiple modes. You just need to click on the name given in the upper menu bar of this paraphrasing tool online. After this, you can either upload the file or paste the content that you want to rephrase.

When you have done this, you only need to click on the Paraphrase Now button. This sentence rephraser will take only a fraction of a second to rewrite the entire content. The best feature of this tool is that it will not change the SEO of your content and use its AI-based algorithm to add keywords to make it more optimized.

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Also, you will be given the paraphrased text just in front of the original text for quick comparison. In this way, you can easily check what this paraphraser has changed in your content and what unique synonym it has used. In short, this rewording tool will work as a word changer for you to complete your work of hours within a few seconds.

5 Tips to paraphrase the content

We have also enlisted a few tips for people who don’t want to use the above reworder. You can also read the following section to understand what you have to do while rewriting a blog or document without a rephrasing tool. Let’s have a look at the tips that will help you to reword a sentence of the complete passage.

1. Read Thoroughly

First of all, you should need to read the content thoroughly at least two times. It will help you to understand the concept of the content and rephrase it manually without using a paraphrased website. Also, you will be able to get beyond expected outcomes because you already know what is the basic concept.

In turn, you will be able to find a unique synonym for every word and change it at the end of the task.

2. Extract key points

When you are reading the content, you should keep a notepad with you. For this task, you can either make a copy & pencil or the online notepad opened on your computer. It will help you to extract all the key points that you can use while rewriting the content.

This factor will help you to find all the keywords, subject-specific terms, and important stats with you while paraphrasing it.

3. Make a new layout

Once you have understood what the concept is and got all the important points, you need to generate a new layout for your blog. It is common to do this when you are writing the entire blog. If you have only a few sentences to paraphrase, you can skip this section or make a short layout as per your requirements.

It will also help you to extract the SEO-optimized copy of the original content without using a paraphrase generator.

4. Compare with the original

After you have paraphrased the content, you can compare it with the original content. It is done to check what your rewording tool has changed in the original layout or content. We recommend you to do this under all conditions because you need to get guaranteed outcomes at the end.

5. Cite the Source

Sometimes, you can’t replace the words with unique synonyms because of the sensitivity of the words or the content. In all such conditions, you should cite the source to make the content unique. It is recommended to cite the source properly because a paraphrasing machine will change those words that might not be good for the outcomes.

How many times you can use this paraphrasing tool?

We have launched this paraphrasing tool free of cost for everyone. Our paraphrasing tool will not let you face any restrictions like the number of turns. You can paste your content or upload different files as many times as you can.

This paraphraser has an extensive database from where it will extract synonyms related to your work. It will not change even a single word that might not fit your context. In turn, you can easily copy the final text after comparison and publish it wherever you want.

If you have an assignment with thousands of words, you can also pick this tool and use it for rewriting. The only thing you have to do in this regard is to split the entire content into short pieces. In turn, it would be simple for you to compare the final and original text properly and make changes if required.

Final Say

With the above tips, you can paraphrase the content without harming the SEO of your content. We recommend you use a rewording tool because it will do this task within a few minutes. It will also enable you to preserve the meanings of the original content.

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