How paraphraser helps blogger to maintain their content quality

Blogging is the best way to earn a handsome income from the internet. You can earn money by providing quality content. Blogging is indeed a creative activity but not everyone has the talent deemed necessary for successful blogging.

So, being a blogger you can fill the creativity void with a paraphrasing tool that assists you to create unique content necessary for search engine ranking. Read the article to know how it helps you in blogging.

How to write unique content and why it is necessary?

The term unique content refers to content that does not Plagiarize. Provided one-third of the internet is duplicate, writing unique content is not easy. If your content does not match with any other text, then it is unique. Because duplicate content contains plagiarism. A plagiarized text is copied from various sources. To plagiarize means to steal someone’s written text without referring to it.

Most times, bloggers have to write unique content because they want to attain an exceptional voice for their services. They abhor copying others’ content because they know it is against Google’s policies. Google’s search algorithms place the content factor on a higher pedestal as compared to other SEO factors.

Out of 206 ranking factors, content uniqueness is the one around which the whole SEO revolves. If your content quality is good, you would get ranked higher than your previous position. A higher ranking means more people coming to visit your blog and once readers keep on pouring to your site, your ROIs surge.

Moreover, once, the readers get hooked on your relevant and top-notch content, they remain associated with your blog because they start to trust your writing. Moving toward the technical side, you can see Google’s updates. Google continuously tinkers with its search engine updates, releasing new updates from time to time.

Its Panda and Hummingbird update focuses on the quality and uniqueness of your content. These updates increase the ranking of high-quality content websites and de-rank those containing copied content. Thus you must avoid plagiarizing from any other source if you want to sustain yourself in this business. Moreover, Google may penalize your website if it plagiarizes manipulatively.

On the other hand, copied content does not impact your readers. Less valuable content is not unique. However, your readers want practical solutions to their problems. If they do not get what they want, they immediately leave your content. This impacts your website’s SEO.

Hence, unique content is very important for your blog and you must not compromise on this factor.

What is a paraphrasing tool?

It is an online tool that takes care of your content’s uniqueness by replacing plagiarized words with their synonyms to make your whole content plagiarism-free.

It overhauls the whole text in a matter of seconds and also maintains the real idea of the text. That’s why bloggers use these tools very often. Most recent tools use AI and its linguistic field of Natural Language Processing to make the whole rewriting process more efficient than before.

How paraphrasing tools are helpful for bloggers?

Getting entrenched in plagiarism may affect your blog’s SEO and you have to write unique content to get yourself out of it.

For this purpose, a paraphrasing tool can be of great help for bloggers to write plagiarism-free content. Fervent writing on similar topics causes serious creativity issues for bloggers. They reach their threshold and ran out of words. Therefore, they start plagiarizing others’ content. Apart from removing plagiarism, a paraphrasing tool helps bloggers in the following ways:

1. Covers all niches

The best thing about a paraphrasing tool is that it does not have a specific vocabulary but helps to rephrase text in more than one niche.

Being a blogger, you have to be adept in more than one industry content, so for you, a paraphrasing tool works best to make your content unique.

2. Refreshes your content

As a blogger, you have to repurpose your already published content with new insights. This is a good technique to rank better.

Since you don’t need to write your whole article manually. You can rephrase the new words and paste them into your old article to make it fresh.

3. Time-saving

Writing long blog posts in high quantity is not a good option indeed when you have less time. You can’t cope with all of them single-handedly. You may breach the deadlines.

This affects your business badly. However, paraphrasing can save you time and effort by rephrasing your content in seconds. You can invest extra time in improving your content’s quality thereafter.

4. 100% accurate

Bloggers often commit mistakes while writing. It is a natural phenomenon. However, they tend to write the whole content first before editing mistakes.

Over time, they miss the mistakes and either end up publishing inaccurate content or proofreading it later wasting extra time.

However, they can save themselves from these tasks if they use a paraphrasing tool because this tool rewords your text without any mistakes. Not only this, but it rewords your incorrect text also.

5. More readable content

Increased readability is also a ranking factor because it helps the reader to move through your content effortlessly.

Readers usually skim your text and if your text contains intricate sentences, they leave the website because they find it hard to read. Thus, they do not want to waste the time on such text.

A paraphrasing tool helps the readers to enhance the content’s readability and uniqueness. Learn how to use this tool


Paraphraser is the best tool used by bloggers to create unique content and maintain content quality. Plagiarism-free content enhances your blog’s reputation as well as ranking on search engine result pages.

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